MacKenzie, Robert Shelton

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Robert Shelton Mackenzie (June 22, 1809 - 1880) was an English-American poet, writer, editor and author.  Autograph Card Signed, n.d. -  3 x 1 1/2 written in blk ink mounted with pronounced rich 'browning' seen.  Overall, fine condition. 

"Robert Shelton Mackenzie was born June 22, 1809 in Limerick, Ireland. Mackenzie began his newspaper career editing a county journal in Hanley, Staffordsville, England.

After writing for various papers and contributing several biographies to the Georgian Era, Mackenzie was appointed the English correspondent for the New York Evening Star in 1834, possibly making Mackenzie the first European correspondent to any American paper (Baugh).

While maintaining several connections to English newspapers, Mackenzie contributed articles to the Star on politics, literature, fashion, and "gossip of high life" until 1851. Mackenzie came to New York in 1852 as a result of financial difficulties and the early death of his first wife. While in New York, Mackenzie served as literary editor and political writer for an unidentified daily and as the music and dramatic critic for an unidentified Sunday paper.

After the establishment of the Philadelphia Press, Mackenzie moved to that city in July 1857, where he became that paper's literary and foreign editor and dramatic critic. Mackenzie held this position for twenty years. Near the end of his life, he worked as a literary editor at the Philadelphia Evening News.

He also wrote several original published works over the course of his life.

Mackenzie died November 21, 1881, despite the popular belief that he died November 30, 1880, and he is buried in Philadelphia (Baugh).