Darlinton, Joseph

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Joseph Darlinton (July 19, 1765 – August 2, 1851) was a representative in the Legislature of the Northwest Territory, and a delegate to the Convention that wrote the first Constitution of the State of Ohio.  Autograph Slip Signed, n.d.  - 3 x 1/2 written in blk ink mounted  overall, very fine condition.  


"In 1777: When he was 12 years old, 600 British and Hessian prisoners taken at the surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga were kept at his father's plantation until the close of the Revolutionary War.

When he became of age, he convinced his father to advance him his patrimony and went to Philadelphia, from which he took a sea voyage to New Orleans, then returned home by land, spending his money freely.

When a young man in VA, he owned slaves. He had one, Dick, who was a refractory and ugly fellow. He sold him and kept the money. After his marriage, he lived in Romney, WV until about the close of 1790, when he moved to Fayette Co., PA on a farm which his wife owned there.  

Shortly afterhis marriage, he moved to Fayette Co., PA. In 1794, Oct: Left PA, descending the Ohio River on a "broadhorn" and landed at Limestone (now Maysville), KY on 14 Nov. Went to the mouth of Cabin Creek, where he kept a ferry. Bought land across the Ohio River and moved there. Within a year or two he was living in what is now Adams Co., OH.

In 1797, spring: Believing that the county seat would be at Washington, OH, below the mouth of Brush Creek, he moved there. 1797, 10 Jul: Upon organization of Adams Co., OH, he was appointed Judge of Probate by Territoral Gov. Arthur St. CLAIR. ) 1798, 14 Mar: Joseph DARLINTON, James SCOTT and Henry MASSIE appointed the first County Commissioners, Adams Co., OH, by the Court.

In 1798, 27 Jun: Appointed first Clerk to the Board of Commissioners. In 1798, 27 Jun: Appointed first Clerk to the Board of Commissioners. 1798: Became an elder in the Presbyterian Church, an office which he held for the remainder of his life.

He was a member of Rev. Dyer BURGESS's congregation. "Mr. BURGESS got to hear" of DARLINGTON's past ownership of slaves and his sale of Dick and "said at one time, in a sermon that in his congregation was one who had the price of blood in his chest. Int was supposed that Mr. BURGESS' strictures bore hard on General DARLINGTON, who was not a pronounced anti-slavery man.

Some one asked Mr. BURGESS how General DARLINGTON stood his anti-slaver doctrine. 'Oh,' said Mr. BURGESS, 'he stands it like an ox.'" 1799: At the first Territorial Legislature convened at Cincinnati, OH, Nathaniel MASSIE and Joseph DARLINTON represented Adams Co., OH. 1802, 3 Aug: Appointed Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, Adams Co., OH. He held the position by successive appointments until Aug 1847, when he resigned. Clerk of Courts.

In 1804, 16 Feb: Resigned as Associate Judge. 1804, 17 May: In the allotment of lots in West Union, he took lot No. 84. Afterwards he acquired lot 57, just to the south, and built his home there. Just west of the home he built a log office, which was afterwards weatherboarded. In this office he kept the West Union Post Office from 1 Jul 1804 to 1 Oct 1811. 1804, 10 Sep: Commissioned Lt. Col. of the 1st Brigade, 1st Regiment, 2nd Division, Ohio Militia. 1805: Became an elder of the Presbyterian Church at West Union. 1806, 17 Mar: Commissioned Brigadier General."