Jeffries, Noah L.

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Noah L. Jeffries (1828-96) was born in Huntingdon County, Pa., he was a lawyer by occupation. He enlisted on September 6, 1861, as 1st lieutenant, and was commissioned into the field and staff as adjutant of the 59th New York Infantry.  Autograph Slip Writing Signed, n.d. - 3 1/2 x 1 1/2 written in blk ink with rich 'age-toning' seen throughout overall, fine condition. 

A week before the trial of the Lincoln assassins he helped to capture, the Assistant Provost Marshall signs as Brevet Brigadier General. 

Noah L. Jeffries (1828-1986), a New York lawyer before the war, joined the Union army as a lieutenant in September 1861, served on the staffs of Generals Henry Wessels and Robert Schenck, and rose to the rank of brevet brigadier general (March 30, 1985). 

As Assistant Provost Marshal, he led the search for the conspirators accused in the assassination of President Lincoln (April 14, 1865). Assassin John Wilkes Booth was slain resisting arrest on April 26. The trial of his co-conspirators began on May 12, one week after Jeffries signed this slip. Four conspirators were executed on July 7. 

Jeffries was Register of the Treasury (1867-1869), his name appearing on all US paper currency. (The Register's name appeared, along with that of the Secretary of the Treasurer, until 1923.)