Capune, Larry

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Laurence Conrad "Larry" Capune (Jul. 21, 1942 - May 25, 2004) was awarded the title:  Legendary long-distance paddleboarder. Larry Capune, a legendary long-distance paddleboarder who made aquatic history by logging a total of 16,063 miles during 8 epic solo trips from 1964-1987, has died in Newport Beach, CA, age 61.  Autograph Slip Signed, n.d.  8 1/2 x 11 written in blk ink pen on College Rule Paper overall, fine/very fine condition.

Larry Capune - American - Surfer Slip Signed SA written on College Rule Paper c. 1960.

He was 22 when he made his first trip from San Fran to Newport Beach covering 542 miles in 18 days. His longest trip was a 4,255-mile trek from Portland, ME, to Corpus Christi, TX. Along the way, he spread his message "to take an adventure instead of drugs. You can do anything if you think you can." His last odyssey was from Chicago to Wash, D.C. He made the 4,090-mile trip via the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River, Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River.

Over the years, he was bitten by a sea turtle, a bluefish and a dog, hit by a tanker and by freighters. Other mishaps included being mistaken for a target off Fort Ord, delaying a missile launching at Vandenberg, lost at sea 13 times and twice found unconscious and nearly frozen. His 18' board was made for him by Hobie Alter, and had a foot-operated rudder known as a kick-tiller. Paddling from 100 yds to 10 miles offshore, he spent 8-10 hours a day in the water covering 20-25 miles.

He often slept on the beach. His most memorable stay came in 1972. After running into 30-knot winds, he headed ashore in MA, knocking on the first door he saw. It was the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port. They invited him in and he spent 2 nights. Diagnosed with melanoma 5 years ago, he had it removed. In November, testing revealed a brain tumor and 4 other tumors.

 He continued to paddle 4 miles a day until 6 months ago. Cause of death: cancer.