Badger, William

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"Governor William Badger 1834-1835, 1835-1836. Badger (1779-1852) was born at Gilmanton, New Hampshire. Educated at common school and at Gilmanton Academy, Badger worked after his school years to build a cotton cloth factory, a saw mill and a grist mill for his town. In 1804 Badger was made a trustee of Gilmanton Academy; he ultimately became president of the board for the school.

Badger served as an aide to Governor John Langdon (governor 1805-1812). In 1810 he was elected to the first of three consecutive terms as a State Representative (served 1810 -1812); then he served three terms in the State Senate (1814-1817; President of the Senate, 1816-1817). Badger served as Associate Justice, Court of Common Pleas (1816-1820), and as High Sheriff of Strafford County (1820-1830). He was a Presidential Elector in the national elections of 1824, 1836 and 1844.

In 1834 Badger won the gubernatorial election, and he won the next term as well. As Governor, Badger called for eliminating capital punishment, a new idea for New Hampshire. He had to deal with the breakaway Indian Stream Republic. Badger also encouraged the legislature to support President Andrew Jackson's successful efforts to do away with The Second Bank of the United States (helping to bring on the Panic of 1837). Badger tried to inject new life into the state militia by statute; he also was interested in bringing smallpox prevention directly to the state's small farming towns.