Hall, William Augustus

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Autograph Slip Signed n.d. 5 x 3 1/2 inches.

"Born in Portland, Maine, on October 15, 1815, Hall moved with his family to Harpers Ferry, Virginia at a young age and attended the local schools there. He attended Yale College, relocated to Missouri in 1840, and was admitted to the bar there in 1841.

Plitical lifeHall was a Captain in the U.S.-Mexican War.

He served as judge of the Circuit Court in Missouri from 1847-1861, and as delegate to the Missouri Constitutional Convention in 1861. That same year he was elected to the 37th Congress as a replacement for John Bullock Clark, who had been expelled from Congress for taking up arms against the United States. He was elected on his own merit in 1862 and served from January 20, 1862 until March 4, 1865. He did not seek an additional term in 1864.

He served as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1864.

Later yearsAfter his term in Congress ended, Hall returned to the practice of law. He died near Darksville, Missouri on December 15, 1888, and was buried in a family plot