Pearson, Molly

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Molly Pearson (1876 - 29 January 1959) was a Scottish stage actress of the early 20th century. She was born in Edinburgh.  Incribed Photograph Signed, n.d. - 3 x 5 B/W written in blk ink from a post card . Inscribed ‘Very sincerely yours Molly Pearson’. On verso, the stage production "Bunty Pulls the Strings" at the Shubert  Theatre in New York.  Some age-toning seen throughout with clear lettering.  Overall, fine condition. 

Molly Pearson - Actress Picture Signed 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 Postcard -

PERSONAL DATA: In October 1911 Pearson appeared at Collier's Comedy Theatre as the leading lady in the Scottish play, Bunty Pulls The Strings, written by Graham Moffat. Pearson read for the role of Bunty in Moffat's presence at the Haymarket Theatre prior to being engaged to portray the character in New York City.

In the remote Scottish village where the play has its setting (fiction), a typical woman wears a hoop skirt. The attire was both fashionable and a part of enforced decorum for women in 1800. Many theatergoers saw Bunty which ran for an entire season. The Grand Opera House, York staged the play before its final run in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

While in New York, Pearson was a guest of the Century Theatre Club which convened at the Hotel Astor on 27 October 1911. She was accompanied by fellow Scottish actress Margaret Nyblock. Pearson described the history of Scottish plays and players while Nyblock gave some readings in a Scottish accent.

Molly Pearson Hales died in Sandy Hook, Connecticut in 1959, (see Molly Pearson at following an extended illness. She was 83. Her husband predeceased her.