Baugh, George T. Hane Historical Stock Certificate Signed

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George T. Hane Baugh, Predsident of Anton Chico Development Company Ltd. Incorprorated under the laws of the State of Nevada.  Capital Stock Certificate Signed, 10/31/1933 - 10 1/2 x 8 1/3 No. 774 Share 15 a Land Development Co. based in New Mexico and stock shares sold in the State of Nevada.  Nice and Clear writing seen signed in blk ink with a two-fold verical crease and an embossed seal of the Corporation.  Overall, fine/extra fine condition


The Anton Chico Land Grant is a community grant to the inhabitants of Anton Chico. There is nothing unusual in the history of the Grant nor in the laws which were, and are applicable.

The grant of land was originally made in 1822 and the settlers were driven off the land by the Indians. The Grant was finally made in the usual form under the Constitution of Mexico. After New Mexico became part of the United States, the inhabitants in 1859 asked Congress for confirmation of the Grant.

After an investigation had been made by the Surveyor General, who concluded that the Grant was valid, Congress confirmed the Grant in 1860, and a patent issued much later. The Surveyor General and Congress were only concerned with the validity of the Grant and the title to the land. Their confirmation was of the title as it then existed, and patent, of course, only related to the title. The confirmation was significant in that the act of confirmation controls over the patent and it was a final pronouncement as to title and the nature of the Grant. Tameling v. United States Freehold & Emigration Co., 93 U.S. 644, 23 L.Ed. 998. The State of New Mexico passed a number of statutes relating to particular community land grants and a general statute. The Anton Chico Land Grant is within the general statute, N.M.S.A.1953, §§ 8-1-1 et seq., which has undergone some change, but basically remains as it was enacted in 1907. There has been much litigation over the years pertaining to the land grants in New Mexico.

The Anton Chico Land Grant was the subject of the suit which culminated in the opinion of the court for what was this Circuit in Reilly v. Shipman, 266 F. 852. Reference is made to that opinion for a description of this Grant. There have been many other opinions by the New Mexico courts and the federal courts relating to community grants similar to the one here concerned.