Beginners Guide to Stamp Collecting

Beginners Guide to Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting is one of the old hobbies of people from the 19th century. Although stamps are not available in recent times worldwide, the hobby of stamp collection remains fresh.

Stamps were introduced to humanity in 1840; since then, it has been one of the most consistent hobbies for many reasons. First, it is one of the easiest ways to keep track of different types and is comparatively inexpensive.

A person who collects stamps is called a stamp collector. However, once a collector digs deep into the hobby, they are called philatelists. Although philately refers to the study of stamps, it is still used as a term to refer to people collecting stamps, and both words are used interchangeably.

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How to get started with a stamp collection

Although the process of stamp collection is relatively easy, it requires tons of dedication to get started! The more time you put into the activity, the better you will be in your collection. However, as beginners, there are a few things you should watch out for before you begin your journey.

Acquiring stamps

It is recommended to hold off on your stamp collection idea until you have a specific theme in mind. It can save time, provide a unique structure to your collection, and set a budget for your affordability. One of the most significant ways to start is by taking the help of friends and family residing abroad and collecting stamps from their letters.

Choose the condition of your stamps.

Not all stamps are in good condition. Therefore, knowing what kind of stamps you wish to collect and their condition is vital. During the course of your journey, you are bound to land on a good percentage of unique and monotonous kinds of stamps. There are different types you can choose from:

  • Used stamps, which are cheaper and easier to find
  • Unused stamps are either not used or defaced in their mint conditions. They can usually be found in post offices.
  • Fine-used stamps, which are expected, yet have clear distinctions and are from military camps,¬†ship cancellations and others.

Choosing themes

As mentioned above, choosing a theme for your stamp collection can work wonders when you look back. You can divide the theme based on color, origin, shapes, and many others. There are many options to choose from, and you can get crazy with themes. Some of them include the following:

  • Iconic stamps
  • Monarch stamps
  • Stamps by different countries



As a stamp collector, you need to identify the different types when you look back at your collection. Collectors generally make use of different types of catalogs to maintain their distinction.

Invest in tools

Although not many tools are required for stamp collecting, certain basic ones are essential to possess to make your collection more accessible. They are:

  • Stamp Tweezers
  • Binders and stock books
  • Stamp catalogs
  • Stamp magnifying glasses

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